What should I wear in Beijing in November?

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  • 2020-04-15
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Beijing is located in the temperate monsoon climate zone, which has more precipitation than inland. It may be a little colder in November. You can wear some medium-thick sweaters, mainly thin woolen pants, and some hats or thin scarves to deal with the cold may be better. I have the following matching schemes for reference: jacket, short sweater and ring scarf, medium-thick down jacket, jacket, leisure trousers (if cold, match some sweaters inside the body, etc.)

Is it cold in Beijing in November?

The average temperature in November in Beijing is 3 ℃ ~ 13 ℃, and the weather is cold, with an average of 13 ℃ during the day. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as suits, jackets, trench coats, casual wear, jackets, suits and thin sweaters. An average of 3 ℃ at night, it is recommended to wear warm clothes such as trench coat, overcoat, jacket, sweater, wool suit, suit, cold-proof clothing and so on. The cities with the highest daily average temperature in Beijing in November are Chaoyang ((8 ℃)), Changping ((10 ℃)) and Daxing ((10 ℃)). The cities with the lowest daily average temperature in Beijing in November are Chaoyang ((- 6 ℃)), Changping ((0 ℃)) and Daxing ((0 ℃)).

Where should I go to Beijing in November?

It is not very cold in Beijing in November. Summer Palace and Xiangshan are the best time to travel. The red leaves of Manshan have a bit of zd flavor. There are many places to play if you travel to Beijing, depending on your time. If there is not enough time, it is recommended to visit an area, such as Hutong, Houhai and the Imperial Palace. If you have leisure and fill your stomach, you can find Wangfu Central, which happens to be near Wangfujing Street. It is very convenient to eat and shop.

Time is general, catch up with Hershey is the feeling of late autumn and early winter, it is winter if you can’t catch up with it. But it doesn’t matter in winter, as long as it’s not windy. As for the place to play, Xiangshan red leaves are the first choice this season.

Is it appropriate to travel to Beijing in November?

It’s already cold outside in Beijing in November. You need to wear down. If you’re indoors, you might start heating. It won’t be cold in the room when the heating is on. In November, it will be windy, cold and dry here. If you are not so interested in the natural landscape, you can come here, because at that time, except for evergreens, all the leaves of other trees in Beijing will look a little desolate, but it is also a different flavor. If you eat and drink, you should be Houhai, Shicha Lake, Nanluoguxiang, Sanlitun, Xidan, Wangfujing, Qianmen and so on. If you play, it may be very cold outside, and many places are not suitable for going. It depends on the timing, there are still many places to go shopping and eat and drink, and there are also many high-end places, depending on how to play and how many days to play. But I still don’t think it’s worth it to come in November.

In fact, Beijing in late autumn is still very tasteful. compared with other seasons, there are fewer people in Beijing in late autumn, and the scenery is not completely covered by heavy snow. It’s okay to go to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on. If you eat and hang out, The weather in Beijing will never affect the enthusiasm of Sanlitun and Wangfujing. But I don’t know whether the snow will come sooner or later this winter. You can consider Harbin, the consumption is not high, the play is also good, in mid-November, although the ice lantern has not yet started, but skiing is no problem, you can go to the snow village to have a look. If it is too cold, go to Xi’an, also more suitable for the rhythm of eating and playing. Hong Kong Halloween in November, it is also good to go there, ah, consumption will not be too high, if the strategy is done, 8000 yuan for two is no problem, of course, under the premise of no shopping.

Beijing Tourism Strategy in November

In November, the most beautiful season in Beijing, large tracts of red leaves are on fire, and ginkgo leaves make Beijing look like a fairyland on earth!

Beijing Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue

Tourism characteristics:

Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue is a well-known landmark of ginkgo in Beijing, and it is also a gathering place for photography enthusiasts and enthusiasts in autumn. One morning and one night is the best time to take pictures here. The light in the early morning is good, and there are not many visitors; the setting sun in the evening will make the ginkgo leaves more attractive.

The Temple of Earth Park

Features of the scenic spot:

The oldest Ginkgo Avenue. Some ginkgo trees are almost the same age as The Temple of Earth, which has been around for more than 400 years.

Leaf appreciation position:

The North District of The Temple of Earth Park.

Ticket price:

2 yuan per person.


Brief introduction of scenic spots:

Xiangshan is located in the western suburb of Haidian District, Beijing, 25 kilometers away from the urban area, and the peak of Xianglu Peak is 575 meters above sea level. In 2012, it was awarded the title of “World famous Mountain”. It is the fifth famous mountain in China after Mount Tai, Mount Huangshan, Mount Lushan and Mount Emei.
Xiangshan, also known as Jingyi Garden, the park has steep terrain, verdant peaks, Quan Pei Lin Mao and verdant ancient trees. There are more than 260000 trees of all kinds in the park, including more than 5800 old and famous trees alone, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 98%. Xiangshan is most famous for the scenery of red leaves. In late autumn, the red leaves of Manshan are dazzling and are rated as one of the “New Sixteen scenes of Beijing”.

Ticket price:

10 yuan per person.

Mangshan National Forest Park

Scenic spot address:

No. 2, Mangshan road, Changping district, Beijing.

Introduction to scenic spots:

The most beautiful thing in Mangshan is autumn. When you go to Mangshan in autumn, you can pick wild jujube, taste wild vegetables in the country, and enjoy the wonderful taste of “parking because you love the maple forest in the evening, and the flowers that are red after frost in February.”

Tanzhe Temple

“first there was Tanzhe Temple, then there was the city of Beijing.” Yellow leaves. And the ancient monasteries with towering temples are integrated with each other. Extremely quiet, extremely beautiful.

Add: Tanzhesi town, Mentougou district, Beijing.

Ticket: 55 yuan

Want to know what the weather will be like in November? If two people play for six or seven days, how much do you need to prepare?

The temperature is estimated to be about 10 to 0 degrees in early November, so you have to wear a sweater. The temperature is estimated to be about 5 degrees Celsius to minus 5 degrees at the end of November.

There is no off-peak season for tourism in Beijing now.

Stay 200 yuan a day and 1400 yuan for seven days.

Breakfast is 10 yuan, lunch is 20 yuan, and dinner is 20 yuan a day. 100 yuan for two people, 700 yuan for seven days.

The average scenic spot ticket and city transportation are 50 yuan a day, 100 yuan for two people and 700 yuan for seven days.

I think the minimum cost is 2800 yuan.

What do I need to bring for a trip to Beijing in November?

The following description is suitable for following a tour group.

A. the items you need to prepare:

It is necessary to keep warm down jacket.

  • (1) Please bring your valid ID card with you when you set out.
  • (2) prepare all the necessary items for travel, such as clothing, medicine, umbrellas, shoes, towels, hats, etc.;
  • (3) Please prepare cameras, films, batteries and other items.
  • (4) there is a large temperature difference in Beijing, please prepare long-sleeved shirts, cotton-padded clothes, leather clothes and other items for warmth.

B. Valuables, bills and cash must be taken with you (or deposited in the hotel) and kept properly.

C. scenic spot shopping and increase self-financed items, please according to your own needs, tour guide introduction is for reference only.

D. the above itinerary may be exchanged, but the scenic spots will not be reduced. the itinerary arrangement shall be based on the local community arrangement.

E. service only from the arrangements of the tour leader and tour guide, if you have any questions and requests to the tour guide and tour guide in time.

F. in case of force majeure factors such as national ban and weather, travel agencies have the right to adjust their itinerary while ensuring the number of scenic spots.

When you arrive at the hotel, please ask for the hotel card (address, telephone number, etc.) and take it with you.

H. Take care of environmental hygiene, which does not damage the resources of the scenic spot. Men should smoke in smoking areas where smoking is allowed.

J. wear sneakers or flats (it is best not to wear new leather shoes, high heels and hard-soled shoes).

Precautions to go to Beijing in November. Is there a large number of people in Beijing in November?

In November, Beijing has entered the winter. If you go there, it is recommended to bring more thick coats. After all, it is always good to wear more clothes when you go out. I think it is windy in the north, and clothes and shoes must be protected from the wind and keep warm. Also, if you stay in Beijing, you must choose a place close to the subway. It is more convenient to go anywhere at that time.

Of course I have to bring back some specialties when I go to Beijing. There are many specialties in Beijing. You can take some snacks like Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour and Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing. If you want to buy snacks with a long shelf life, you have to go to a large supermarket, Hongxing and Niulanshan. In fact, Beijing National Day is the peak tourist season, and there are fewer people after these days, so there are not many people going to Beijing in November. If you plan to travel in November, you can go to Beijing and enjoy the red leaves! The editor suggests that you can watch the raising of the national flag on November 1. There should be more people on November 1, so you need to go through the security check at 4 o’clock, so you must pay attention to keeping warm!

Is there a large number of people going to the Imperial Palace in November? Is the Imperial Palace suitable for traveling in November?

Off-season ticket prices: from November 1 to March 31 of the following year.

  • 1. [morning] the market price of adult tickets for the Imperial Palace in Beijing is 40 yuan and is pre-priced at 40 yuan.
  • 2. [afternoon] the market price of adult tickets for the Imperial Palace in Beijing is 40 yuan, which is pre-priced at 40 yuan.
  • 3. [morning] Adult ticket + Treasure Hall + Watch Museum market price 60 yuan pre-priced 60 yuan.
  • 4. [afternoon] Adult ticket + Treasure Hall + Watch Museum market price 60 yuan pre-priced 60 yuan.
  • 5. [morning] Adult ticket + Zhenbao Museum market price 50 yuan pre-pricing 50 yuan.
  • 6. [afternoon] Adult ticket + Treasure Museum market price 50 yuan pre-pricing 50 yuan.
  • 7. [morning] Adult ticket + watch museum market price 50 yuan pre-pricing 50 yuan.
  • 8. [afternoon] Adult ticket + watch museum market price 50 yuan pre-pricing 50 yuan.

Note: due to seasonal changes, the price may change, subject to the actual transaction price.


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What should I wear in Beijing in November?


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