How Much Money Should I Bring to Beijing?

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  • 2020-05-18
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How much does it cost a week to travel to Beijing? The transportation fare depends on the distance, taking high-speed rail or plane, according to the average round trip of 1500 yuan per person.

The most expensive way to travel to Beijing is accommodation, which is the biggest expense. Taking your family to a slightly better hotel is about 400 yuan a day, which is 3000 yuan a week.

Meals are calculated according to 150 per capita per day, and transportation is calculated according to 50 per day, a total of 1400 yuan. Tickets to scenic spots in Beijing are very cheap, the Imperial Palace is only 60 yuan in peak season, all tickets plus other fees can be counted as 800.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Beijing for Five Days?

Travel Itinerary

  • D1: arrive in the afternoon, pick up and send to the hotel, free activities.
  • D2: Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Imperial Palace, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Temple of Heaven Park.
  • D3: flag-raising ceremony, Badaling Great Wall, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube.
  • D4: summer Palace, Huaxia Pavilion, Tsinghua University, Shici, Old Beijing Hutong, Qianmen Street, Dashilan.
  • D5: free activity, send the station home.

Total Travel Expenses

The per capita fee is only more than 1000 after five days, and the child makes up for the room difference. I personally think that the five-day itinerary is really good. The whole trip is very easy, and there is no hidden consumption. I have a very good time. Both of them are not only serious and responsible, but also always patiently answer all kinds of questions I ask, as long as you travel to Beijing, no matter how many days you play. She can arrange an itinerary suitable for you according to your time and interest spots.

What Are the Ways to Travel to Beijing? How Much Are the Respective Fees?

Take the common five-day tour in the market as an example, the price of a 5-day tour in Beijing is about 3000 yuan, the price of a high-quality tour group can break through 4000 yuan, and the price of a lower-quality tour is about 2500 yuan.

The difference is that accommodation and catering standards are different, and there are different modes of transportation (plane, high-speed rail, train or bus).

Generally low-quality group tours come down at one time, encounter compulsory shopping, the overall cost is higher than high-quality group tours, the key travel experience is not good, scenic spots play quickly, either in shopping or on the way to shopping!

The price of the individual visit in Beijing on the 5th is more than 3500 yuan.

3500 yuan is just a starting point, 1000-2000 yuan for round trip transportation + 2000 yuan for local accommodation, which is basically the cost.

The 3500 yuan here does not include the entrance fee for the scenic spot! Here, if you are not an experienced traveler, it will be troublesome to travel to Beijing for the first time.

What Is the Right Way to Travel to Beijing at a Reasonable Price?

With the group and individual travel, now popularize a more reasonable price, and more comfortable on the way to travel-choose a trip, boutique 2-8 small group tours!

What is a boutique group tour for 2-8 people?

First of all, there are only 2-8 people in the group, which is more suitable for family, lovers and friends to travel. It is more private and convenient to travel, and does not buy with strangers.

Secondly, we should provide one car and one guide to serve this small group, just like a group tour, where there are people to guide you, and you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Moreover, all self-financed projects are open and voluntary, and the shopping stores entered during the itinerary are clearly stated in advance and there is absolutely no compulsion. Scenic spots play routes can be in accordance with their own wishes, selective tour!

Finally, in terms of price, the cost of a boutique tour in Beijing on the 5th is about 3500 yuan, which is cheaper than individual travel and high-quality group tours on the market, and the degree of experience is much higher than that of group tours and individual tours, which is affordable and easy to worry about! You can leave from all over the country!

What Are the Main Tourist Attractions in Beijing? How Much Is the Ticket?

  • Tian’anmen square. Admission: free, 15 yuan per person on Tiananmen Tower.
  • Tickets for the Imperial Palace: 60 RMB for adults, 10 RMB for internal attractions: 10 RMB for the Treasure Museum / 10 RMB for the Watch Museum (April 1-Tuesday-October 31-Sunday).
  • Tickets to Shicha: free.
  • Temple of Heaven ticket: 15 RMB.
  • Tsinghua University ticket: free.
  • Peking University ticket: free.
  • The Summer Palace ticket: 30 RMB, Park + Garden in the Garden: 60 RMB.
  • Old Summer Palace tickets: 10 yuan, Xiyang Building site Scenic spot: 15 yuan; Old Summer Palace Shengshi panoramic model exhibition: 10 yuan.
  • Xiangshan Park ticket: 7 RMB.
  • The Badaling Great Wall ticket: 40 RMB.
  • Bird’s Nest ticket: 50 RMB.
  • Water Cube ticket: 30 RMB.
  • Miyun Gushuibei Town ticket: 140 yuan; sightseeing car: 10 yuan; cruise: 120 yuan / 80 yuan.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Beijing?

The key point is time. If it is a holiday, the accommodation fee will have to be more budgeted. After all, the price of the holiday will go up.

Originally more than 200 yuan of accommodation may rise to 300 yuan or 400 yuan during holidays.

I am two people, National Day 7 days, the stay is not very good, the basic is about 300 yuan, almost spent about 6000 yuan per capita.

The most important thing is that we are all public transport and walking, there is no chartered car or anything, and eating is not particularly good, such as 50 yuan per capita.

How Much Will It Cost for a Five-day Trip to Beijing?

Tickets: the ticket for the scenic spot is about 400. Depending on how much you go and the fluctuation in the off-season and peak season, it will not be more than 500. If you have a student ID card, you can get half price. Happy Valley is 200 yuan per person, this is not taken into account, other entertainment is not included, the above price only takes into account the cost of scenic spots, the most expensive scenic spot in Beijing is 60 yuan in peak season. .

Accommodation: in the better traffic location, Dongcheng and Xicheng, it is best to live in this kind of place if you want to experience the old Beijing culture. If staying in Youth Travel is generally 100-200 yuan per day (single room or double room), it is OK, 50 yuan to 80 yuan bed is also available (multiple rooms) unless you care about the conditions, choose about 300 / day or more. Or if you want to live comfortably, please choose something above 500 yuan.

Meal expenses: it is OK to control the average basic consumption within 100 yuan per day; there is no problem with special snacks. If you want to eat well, you need more budget.

The transportation cost between tourist spots is 50 yuan to 100 yuan, the premise is to take public transport, please check the cost of long-distance transportation to and from Beijing, distance, time, and mode will affect the price, so under normal circumstances, an economical five-day trip to Beijing is controlled at 1500 yuan per person. There were people who could keep it within 1000 yuan.


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How Much Money Should I Bring to Beijing?


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