Can You Sleep in Beijing Airport?

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  • 2020-05-16
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The airport is open 24 hours a day, you can rest assured to live in it, no one will care about you, often see people sleeping on the recliner. It’s best to put on a coat, where the air conditioning temperature is generally low.

Does Beijing Airport Provide a Place to Rest?

The airport will not provide a free place to rest. But you can rest in the airport lobby or a 24-hour convenience store.

For more comfortable conditions, you can choose to rest in the timed lounge, but the price is higher. The following are the services provided by the timing lounge:

The timing lounge is a hotel-style rest place for passengers, with single rooms, standard rooms and other service facilities to make you forget the tiredness of the journey. Passengers can watch TV and movies during the break.

Another part of the timing lounge provides a full range of hotel-style services, the main business items include: lift for guest room time rest places, small conference services, business and leisure services, multimedia and reading area, coffee bar, pedicure, massage and health care services, bath and beauty salon services.

Service location of timing lounge:

  • Terminal 1: the second floor, the west staircase of Gate 8, up to the third floor.
  • Terminal 2:
    • in the middle of Gate D2~D3 on the ground floor (International).
    • The middle of D6~D7 gate on the ground floor (domestic).
  • Terminal 3:
    • T3-C second floor arrival hall west side of the public area.
    • The east side of T3-E International departure Lounge.

Service Hotline:

  • Terminal 1: 010-64540985.
  • Terminal 2: 010-64598943 (international), 010-64598932 (domestic).
  • Terminal 3: 010-64558577 (T3-C), 010-64532621 (T3-E)

Is There a 24-Hour Rest Spot at Beijing Capital Airport?


On October 11, 2012, the new VIP lounge and exclusive check-in area of Air China was officially opened at Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport.

Air China’s new VIP passenger lounge is an expansion and upgrade based on the original passenger lounge of 2200 square meters, with 109 seats. The lounge area is 670 square meters, and the exclusive check-in area is about 970 square meters. It has independent ticketing counters and 22 check-in counters.

There are a variety of VIP lounges in the airport, with different “signs”, such as BGS business class lounge, first class / business class lounge, member club, VIP lounge, VIP lounge, etc., but generally speaking, they can be divided into three categories.

  • One is the VIP hall provided by the airport for passengers taking high-grade cabins or special planes, such as the VIP building of the Capital Airport.
  • The other is the VIP halls set up by airlines for their frequent flyer members or high-class passengers, such as Air China, China Eastern and China Southern Airlines, which have their own frequent flyer member lounges in major airports across the country.

Can I Spend the Night There at the Capital Airport?

In the Capital Airport Terminal T3, you can spend the night indoors with the right temperature and no cold feeling, but it is recommended to prepare suitable warm clothes.

There is free boiled water to drink, one hundred can be recharged for free, and the Internet is free.

Outside the security check area, there are benches to rest, and there are many fast food restaurants, many of which are open 24 hours a day.

T3 as an international airport, flights arrive late at night and in the early hours of the morning. after 6 o’clock in the morning, a large number of early flights take off, and flights are busiest after 6 o’clock in the morning.

There is WIFI, free at Terminal T3 of Capital Airport.

Terminal T3 of Capital Airport has air conditioning, benches, free sanitary rooms and free boiled water.

There is a Free Terminal Shuttle from T3 to T2 T1.

It is suggested that you can go to T3 to have a rest, and then take a Free Terminal Shuttle to T2. From early morning to early morning, there is also a Free Terminal Shuttle.

What Are the Nearest Hotels at the Capital International Airport?

According to your requirements, we can find the following hotels with a high rate of good comments for you. Please refer to:

Crowne Holiday Inn Beijing

Address: No. 60, the front street of Tianzhu Town House, Shunyi District (near the airport) is about 3.3 kilometers away from the Capital International Airport.

Langhao Hotel, Beijing Capital Airport

Address: Rong Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3, No.1 Erjing Road (near West Lake Garden) is about 3.5 kilometers away from the Capital International Airport.

In addition, Langham Hotel and Hilton Hotel are close to Terminal 3. They have a free airport bus shuttle to Terminal 3, which takes only 2 minutes from 15 minutes to the hotel, but the price is relatively high, about 1700 yuan. Another is Crowne Holiday Inn Beijing. It is known that the price is relatively cheap, about 900 yuan. it is 10 minutes from Terminal 3, and there is a free shuttle bus. However, the service of Crown Road Holiday is not comparable to that of Langham Hotel and Hilton Hotel.

Where Is the Nearest Hotel to Beijing Capital Airport?

The Hotels Closest to Terminal t1/2 Are:

Beijing Capital Airport International Hotel

Address: complex building, no. 2, freight road, Beijing capital airport.

The hotel opened in October 2012, with 5 floors in the main building and 5 floors in the annex building, with a total of 156 rooms (sets).

Beijing Capital Airport International Hotel is a hotel built according to the four-star standard. It is located 200 meters west of Terminal T1, No. 2 cargo Road, Capital Airport, Chaoyang District. The hotel has an elegant environment, complete facilities and the most superior location.

The Hotels Closest to Terminal t3 Are:

Hilton Hotel Beijing Capital Airport

Address: No. 3 terminal of Beijing Capital Airport (the intersection of Sijing Road and Sanjing Road).

The hotel opened in July 2010, the building is 7 stories high, with a total of 322 rooms (sets).

Hilton Capital Airport Hotel is adjacent to Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, which is only a short time away by the hotel’s 24-hour free airport bus, and the light rail line connecting Dongzhimen takes about 16 minutes to go to the city.

Langhao Hotel Beijing Capital Airport

Address: No. 1 Erjing Road, Terminal 3, Beijing Capital Airport (near West Lake Garden).

The hotel opened in August 2010, 6 stories high, with a total of 372 rooms (sets).

Langhao Hotel Beijing Capital Airport is adjacent to Terminal 3 of Capital International Airport. There is a shuttle bus between the hotel and Terminal 3, which provides convenient transportation to the New China International Exhibition Center.

Which hotels can I stay in nearby Daxing Airport?

The most important feature of Beijing Aotu Airport Hotel is that the hotel is not located outside the airport, but directly located in the terminal of Beijing Daxing International Airport. Located on the first and second floors of the northeast finger corridor of the terminal, the hotel covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters and is about 5 minutes’ walk to the nearest check-in counter.

The hotel offers single rooms, double rooms, double deluxe rooms, family rooms and barrier-free rooms with ingenious design to create a high-quality environment. The room is also equipped with high-quality bedding and pillows, with soft lighting and a shower with large water output. To make sure that visitors can enjoy a good sleep or nap time.

What is more unique is that the hotel charges the room rate on an hourly basis, and visitors can check in at any time, which is very convenient.

Xi’an Light Hotel is 7.34km away from Daxing International Airport. Xana represents the hotel’s elegant, classic and exquisite temperament, as well as a goddess-like positioning, with a unique brand concept, combining classic and elegant design with a unique little happiness blue, so that customers can experience a small sense of happiness.

Unlike the previous several mid-range hotel brands, Greentree may be the earliest economical chain hotel to open near Daxing Airport. The hotel officially opened at the end of April 2016, with a straight distance of 7.85 kilometers from Daxing International Airport, opposite to the life accessory area of Beijing International Airport and airport logistics, which will not be very outstanding, but it also adheres to the service concept of “super-health, super-comfort, super-value and super-expectation”.


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Can You Sleep in Beijing Airport?


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