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Liupanshui(六盘水) City is a prefecture-level city in Guizhou Province.

Liupanshui City is located in Wumeng Mountain area of western Guizhou, with an annual average temperature of 15 ℃, an average temperature of 19.7 ℃ in summer and an average temperature of 3 ℃ in winter.

With a cool, comfortable, moist, fresh climate and moderate ultraviolet radiation, it has been awarded the title of “cool capital of China” by the Chinese Meteorological Association and is the only city in the country named after its climatic characteristics.

Liupanshui is located in the junction of Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, the watershed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers, and both sides of the Nanpanjiang and Beipanjiang basins, which is rich in mineral resources.

Traffic extends in all directions and is one of the important railway hub cities and logistics distribution centers in southwest China.

By the end of 2016, the city had an area of 9965 square kilometers, including two districts, one county-level city and one county, with a resident population of 2.907 million.

Administrative division

liupanshui qianhu miao village guizhou china

Liupanshui City has jurisdiction over four county-level administrative regions, including one municipal district, one county-level city, one county and one special zone, namely Zhongshan District, Panzhou City, Shuicheng County and Liuzhi Special Zone.

In addition, Liupanshui City also has two provincial economic development zones, Zhongshan and Hongguo, and 47 Zhongshan West Road, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City people’s Government.

Name of district and county Data of townships and towns under its jurisdiction Postal Code
Zhongshan District 12 township offices 553000
Liuzhi Special Zone 18 township offices 553400
Panzhou City 27 township offices 553500
Shuicheng County 30 township offices 553600

Geographical location

Liupanshui is located in the west of Guizhou Province and on the first and second platform slopes of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, spanning 25 °19 °44 “to 26 °55 °33” north latitude and 104 °18 °20 “to 105 °42 °50” east longitude. It is located in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. The distance between Liupanshui and Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and Nanning is about 300,500 km. The total area is 9965 square kilometers, accounting for 5.63% of the total area of the province. The city is bordered by Anshun City in the east, Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in southwest Guizhou in the south, Qujing City in Yunnan Province in the west and Bijie City in the north.

Biological resources

There are many kinds of wild plants in Liupanshui city, which can be divided into four types: forage grass, medicine, fruit and other types according to their uses.

There are 40 families, 192 genera and 514 species of forage plants.

There are more than 700 species of medicinal plants and 195 main varieties.

Wild fruits are Rosa roxburghii, kiwifruit, tang pear, Hawthorn, cherry, grape, batch handle, bayberry, strawberry and so on.

Other useful wild plants are Castanea mollissima, Quercus variabilis, Cyclobalanopsis glauca, ferns, firethorns, wild tea trees, bitter tea, star anise, prickly ash, palms and so on.

There are 223 tree species and bamboo species in the city, belonging to 62 species and 140 genera.

Among them, there are national first-class protected species Metasequoia glyptostroboides, bald pine, second-class protected species, cymbidium, fragrant fruit tree, ginkgo biloba, Eucommia ulmoides, decadentate flower, Davidia involucrata, Liriodendron chinense, yew, wild tea tree, third-class protected tree species Silver Finch (gall pepper tree), yellow fir, Xikang magnolia, Cephalotaxus, sassafras, magnolia, magnolia, Schima superba and so on.

There are provincial and municipal rare tree species kapok, purple tree, compound leaf Koeluan tree, Coptis chinensis, Xiangnan, hairy black shell nan, paulownia, yellow cow milk tree, fire rope tree, Guizhou crape myrtle, safflower oil tea, lamp stand tree and so on.

The tree species with ornamental value are Yunnan poplar, rhododendron, Daguan poplar, Saran poplar, metasequoia, weeping willow, Fatong, privet, maple poplar, holly, cedar, magnolia, hibiscus, dragon cypress, cedar, hibiscus, Yu Li, sweet-scented osmanthus, oleander, camellia, Luohan pine and so on.

Food crops include corn, rice, potatoes, wheat, soybeans, buckwheat and so on.

The output of corn ranks first among the field crops in the city.

Cash crops include rape, tobacco, peanuts, tea, hemp, cotton, sugar, sericulture, sesame and other oil crops.

The fruits belong to 12 families, 22 genera and more than 30 species.

The animals of Liupanshui City.

There are 35 species of fish, belonging to 4 orders and 8 families.

Among them, there are 21 local fish species, belonging to 4 orders and 7 families, and 14 non-provincial and foreign introduced species, belonging to 3 families.

There are 18 species of amphibians, belonging to tailed and tailless 2 orders and 7 families.

Among them, giant salamander (baby fish) is a national third-class protected animal; Guizhou verrucous salamander and blue-tailed salamander are rare species.

Reptiles belong to turtles, lizards and snakes, belonging to 8 families and 33 species.

There are many species of wild birds, but the number is unknown. There are more than 50 species of wild birds, belonging to 13 orders and 21 families.

Rare birds are national first-class protected animals such as white stork, white-crowned long-tailed pheasant, second-class protected animal white-bellied pheasant, third-class protected animal kite, goshawk, magpie harrier and so on.

There are 52 species of wild mammals, belonging to 8 orders and 23 families.

Among them, rare species are national first-class protected animals, South China tiger (wild South China tiger is now extinct), black leaf monkey, golden leopard (not found in the city), clouded leopard, impala and Sumen antelope; national second-class protected animals such as rhesus monkey, pangolin and forest musk deer; national third-class protected animals southwest black bear, big civet, small civet, leopard cat.


In 2016, the population of ethnic minorities in Liupanshui was 892700.

There are 44 ethnic minorities in the city.

The ethnic minorities with a population of more than 10,000 are Yi, Miao, Buyi, Bai, Hui, Gelao and Shui, a total of 7 ethnic groups.

Liupanshui Attractions

Liupanshui has the highest elevation of 2845.7 meters and the lowest elevation of 586meters, which is a typical karst landform. There are Wumengshan National Geopark, Yushe National Forest Park, Ski Resort, Yeyuhai, Yezhong Black Leaf Monkey Nature Reserve, Dadong Ancient Human site in Panxian County, Panxian Conference site of [......]

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Liupanshui Tours

Liupanshui is located in the west of Guizhou Province and on the first and second platform slopes of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is the third largest city in Guizhou Province, the main base of the country's power transmission from west to east, and an important node city in the [......]

Liupanshui Climate & When to Go

Liupanshui has a mild climate, no severe cold in winter and no hot summer in summer. Liupanshui is located in the transitional zone from the central Guizhou plateau to the eastern Yunnan plateau and from the hills of Guangxi to the northwest Guizhou plateau, with an average elevation of [......]

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Liupanshui Transportation

Due to the many mountains and inconvenient transportation, the ethnic minorities in Guizhou are not affected by foreign culture and are better able to retain their simple folk customs. In recent years, the tourism boom has spread to the mountain areas, and various mountain areas have built wooden buildings [......]

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Liupanshui Travel Tips

Liupanshui is located in the west of Guizhou Province and on the first and second platform slopes of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is the third largest city in Guizhou Province, the main base of the country's power transmission from west to east, and an important node city in the [......]

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Liupanshui Accommodation

Note:During the summer vacation, it is really difficult to book a hotel in Liupanshui, and many people come to Liupanshui to stay in the summer. Statistical Table of tourist Star Hotels in Liupanshui City Serial number. Unit name. Sign number. Hotel star. Evaluation date. Area. Full address. Phone number Four stars 1 Holiday Inn Hanjiang. 5240060 4 2012.12.26 Liupanshui [......]

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City /

Liupanshui Overview

  • Chinese Name
  • 六盘水市
  • English IPA
  • Liupanshui City
  • Location
  • West of Guizhou Province
  • Zip code
  • 553000
  • Population (city)
  • 2924100
  • Language
  • Southwest Mandarin-Guizhou Dialect
  • Tel code
  • (0)858
  • Time zone
  • Time zone(UTC+8)





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