What County Is Beijing Daxing Airport In?

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Beijing Daxing International Airport ((Beijing Daxing International Airport,IATA:PKX,ICAO:ZBAD) is located at the junction of Daxing District, Beijing, and Langfang City, Hebei Province, 46 km north of Tiananmen Square, 67 km north of Beijing Capital International Airport and 55 km south of Xiongan New area. It is a new power source for 4F-class international airports, large-scale international hub airports and national development.

Construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport began on December 26, 2014. It was named “Beijing Daxing International Airport” on September 14, 2018, and was officially opened to traffic on September 25, 2019.

As of September 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport has a terminal with an area of 700000 square meters; there are four runways, East one, North one and West one are 60 meters wide and 3400 meters, 3800 meters and 3800 meters long, respectively, and the second runway of West China is 3800 meters long and 45 meters wide. A total of 268 seats can meet the needs of 72 million passengers, 2 million tons of cargo and mail throughput and 620000 aircraft movements in 2025.

During the summer and autumn flight season of 2020, a total of 10 aviation departments of Beijing Daxing International Airport plan to open 328 routes and 124 cities, and international routes will continue to be suspended. China Southern Airlines of the Base Aviation Department operates 177 flights a day, China United Airlines runs 130 flights a day, China Eastern Airlines runs about 100 flights a day, Air China and Xiamen Airlines operate about 50 flights a day, Capital Airlines and Hebei Airlines operate about 30 flights a day.

In 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport handled 3.135074 million passengers, ranking 53rd in the country, 7362.3 tons in cargo and mail throughput, 70th in the country, and 21048 takeoffs and landings, ranking 88th in the country.

Where Is Beijing Daxing Airport?

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX/ZBAD), a civil airport, has a flight area grade of 4F (the highest level). It is positioned as a super-large international aviation integrated transportation hub, and four runways are currently planned.

Today, the name of the airport is “Beijing Daxing International Airport”, but its area is not limited to Daxing District of Beijing, but spans two provinces and cities, and also occupies land in Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province. Guangyang District is one of the central municipal districts of Langfang. Langfang people’s Government, Langfang North Station and a large part of the old city of Langfang are located in this area.

Of course, the land of Daxing Airport is on the edge of Guangyang District, which is the suburb of Langfang. The suburbs belong to the suburbs, and Langfang is not big after all, and this location is only about 25 kilometers away from the main city of Langfang. It is only a little more than the straight line distance from Tiananmen Square to Tongzhou.

It is worth noting that although the new airport is named “Beijing”, it actually uses a lot of land in Hebei Province. The land under the jurisdiction of Tuancheng, Tuancheng Xinzhuang and Bigezhuang three administrative villages under the jurisdiction of Jiuzhou Town, Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province is the main area of the terminal. While some other airport facilities are each occupied by Hebei and Beijing, most of them are occupied by Beijing.

Who Is near Beijing Daxing Airport?

Daxing Airport is close to Daxing and Langfang, so it will be convenient for residents of the two places to travel. However, it is too bad for the state to invest on such a large scale to build such a world-class airport, which only serves Daxing and Langfang. The real purpose of Daxing Airport is to provide support for the coordinated development of traffic and economy in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

First of all, there are two civil aviation airports in Beijing (Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport), but according to the plan, on the day when the new airport is put into operation, the civil aviation function of Nanyuan Airport will also be closed. So at that time, Beijing will still have only two civil aviation airports.

Which Airlines Are the First to Enter Beijing Daxing Airport?

Before October 26 (inclusive), China United Airlines will become the only airline to make an overall transition and operate at Daxing Airport.

Since October 27, 2019, a total of 7 domestic airlines and 8 foreign airlines have settled in Daxing International Airport. Domestic airlines include China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China United Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Capital Airlines and auspicious Airlines. Foreign airlines include British Airways, Polish Airlines, Finnish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Moroccan Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Russian Airways and Himalayan Airlines.

In order to ensure the safe, smooth and orderly operation of the transition, only a small number of flights will be arranged at the initial airport, and the relevant domestic airlines will transfer gradually in stages and complete the transition before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

In the winter and spring season of 2019, Daxing International Airport is expected to open 116 routes, including 101 domestic routes and 15 international routes, covering 112 destinations around the world, including 97 domestic destinations and 15 international destinations.

What’s the Most Convenient Way to Get to Daxing Airport from Downtown Beijing?

Rail Transit New Airport Line

The Metro New Airport Line will be opened at the same time as Daxing Airport! It runs from Daxing International Airport in the south to Caoqiao Station in Fengtai District, with a total length of 41.4 km. Along the line, there are three stations: Beijing Daxing Airport Station, Daxing Xincheng Station and Caoqiao Station.

The new airport line starts from Caoqiao Station and can arrive at the new airport in about 19 minutes at the earliest. Daxing Airport Station is located on the second floor of the integrated transportation center of the North Airport Terminal.

The new airport line adopts a taxi system, with ordinary one-way fares ranging from 10 yuan to 35 yuan and a maximum stay of 4 hours.

Airport Bus Route

Daxing Airport will open six airport bus routes to Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Tongzhou, Fangshan and Xuanwumen.

In addition, seven inter-provincial routes from the airport to Baoding, Dacheng, Langfang, Sanhe, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan and Tianjin will be opened to meet the round-trip needs of passengers to the maximum extent.

Jingxiong Intercity Railway

In addition to taking the subway, Jingxiong intercity railway is also a good choice. At present, the section from Beijing West to Daxing Airport is temporarily opened. The whole journey takes only about 20 minutes, and the exit reaches the B1 floor of the terminal.

Introduction of Beijing Daxing International Airport

The main floors of the terminal of Daxing International Airport are as follows:

  • Underground floor: subway.
  • Underground second floor: track line platform.
  • First floor: international arrival floor.
  • Second floor: domestic arrival layer.
  • Third floor: domestic departure floor.
  • Fourth floor: international departure floor.
  • Fifth floor: dining area.


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What County Is Beijing Daxing Airport In?


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