Are There Showers in Beijing Airport?

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  • 2020-05-17
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Beijing is affected by warm and humid air masses in the ocean from June to September, with frequent showers. The precipitation in Beijing is mainly concentrated in summer, especially in July and August.

Beijing Airport is also often affected by showers from June to September, and flights may be delayed or cancelled.

Will Thundershowers in Beijing Affect Flights on That Day?

It will affect the flight. Once the thunderstorm area and other conditions appear on the narrow air route, it is sometimes possible to bypass the thunderstorm area, but for the needs of flight safety and national defense, the civil aviation route is strictly restricted, and there is little room for flight and manoeuvre. When the thunderstorm area is large, this method won’t work.

Delay the Flight

Although the altitude of the aircraft after take-off is higher than that of thunderstorm clouds, it is very dangerous to take off through the thunderstorm layer when it thunders. there is a risk of lightning strikes, and the thunderstorm weather is generally fierce, and the wind speed and wind direction are unstable. It is very difficult for the plane to take off. When it rains, the runway of the aircraft will be very wet, which can easily affect the taxiing of the aircraft, so in all aspects, the thunderstorm is not suitable for take-off. For the sake of safety, there is nothing we can do to affect the flight.

Rain TakE-off Conditions

It is not that as long as it rains, the plane can not take off. Under some rainy conditions, the plane can take off normally. First of all, it depends on whether the rain is heavy or not, the rain should not be too heavy, the visibility should be relatively high, it will not affect the judgment of the pilot, and there should not be too much water on the runway. in addition, according to the situation of the place of take-off and landing, the type of aircraft is different, the degree of influence is also different, if the comprehensive conditions are suitable for take-off, even the aircraft can take off normally on rainy days.

On June 7, 2019, Beijing Airport Has Cancelled 78 Flights in Response to Thunderstorms

On June 7, 2019, there were thundershowers in many places in Beijing, and the roads were flooded seriously. In addition, as the air route was covered by thunderstorms, the Capital Airport had carried out 626 sorties and cancelled 78 as of 13:23, according to the Capital Airport. Here, the editor also reminds passengers to pay attention to the weather so as not to delay the trip.

It is understood that from 8: 00 a.m. on the 6th, unfavorable weather continued to appear in all directions within a radius of 70 kilometers of the Capital Airport, affecting inbound and outbound flights in all directions of the Capital Airport. The Capital Airport launched the abnormal coordination mechanism of the Transportation Management Commission at 08:50 and upgraded to the emergency consultation mechanism of the Transportation Management Commission at 10:30. At 10:00, the North China Air Administration launched the backup and landing guarantee procedures for large-scale flights and the yellow alert for the emergency response mechanism for large-scale flight delays.

Meteorological information shows that before 14:00 today, there were short-term showers with cumulonimbus clouds at the Capital Airport, with scattered weak thunderstorms in the terminal area, southeasterly winds of 2-3, visibility of 2-4 km and a maximum temperature of 26 degrees. Due to the complex weather conditions in the capital airport and thunderstorms in many parts of the country, flight operation has been greatly affected, and some flights at the capital airport may be delayed or cancelled. Please pay close attention to flight developments.

When Is the Rainy Season in Beijing?

June to August is the rainy season every year.

Because Beijing area belongs to the typical north temperate zone semi-humid continental monsoon climate, high temperature and rainy summer, winter, cold and dry. The seasonal distribution of annual precipitation is very uneven. 80% of the annual precipitation is concentrated in June, July and August in summer, with heavy rain in July and August.

The cause lies in the fact that the summer solar height angle increases, the day is long, and the temperature is relatively high. under the influence of the Pacific subtropical high, the summer monsoon prevails, mainly east-by-south road wind, low wind, humid and rainy. The southeast monsoon blowing from the tropical ocean brings abundant precipitation.

Taking the 2018 precipitation as an example, the annual precipitation in Beijing in 2018 was 575.5 mm, of which 52 rainfall processes occurred in the city from June 1 to August 31, and the cumulative precipitation reached 452.5 mm.

Characteristics of precipitation in Beijing area:

  • In terms of time, the summer precipitation accounts for about 3% of the annual precipitation. The spatial distribution of summer precipitation is similar to that of the whole year: the northeast and southwest Piedmont windward slope is the relative water center, between 450 mm and 500 mm, the northwest and north deep mountain area is less than 400 mm, and the plain and some mountain areas are between 400 mm and 450 mm.
  • Spatially, the spatial distribution of annual precipitation is uneven, with relative precipitation centers in the northeastern and southwestern Piedmont windward slopes, less than 500 mm in the northwest and northern deep mountains, and 500-600 mm in the plains and some mountainous areas.

A Thunderstorm Hit Beijing Airport on June 1, 2019, Resulting in a 30% Drop in Capacity

On June 1, 2019, affected by thunderstorms, the capacity of the Capital Airport decreased by 30%, mainly affecting the incoming route of the Capital Airport. By observing the meteorological radar echo signal and the flight path of the front plane, the North China air traffic control controller communicates in advance to understand the flight intention of the unit, and “makes use of all available space” to arrange flights to enter the port in an orderly manner in the interval of thunderstorm clouds. Relying on the flow management in North China and the flow management platform of the multi-airport release collaborative decision-making system, and combined with the operation and air routes of the Capital Airport, the control department has formulated various guarantee procedures in advance in the thunderstorm weather to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the flight as a whole. At 16:00, the Capital Airport launched the abnormal coordination mechanism of the Transportation Management Commission to cooperate with various civil aviation units to do a good job in the guarantee of thunderstorms.

Today, 1649 incoming and outgoing flights are expected at the Capital Airport, including 829 incoming and outgoing flights and 6053 in North China. As of 16:30, the Capital Airport had carried out 571incoming flights and 507outgoing flights. After the thunderstorm at the Capital Airport ends at 18:00 today, there will still be scattered thunderstorms in many parts of the terminal area of Beijing.

After 14:00 tomorrow, the terminal area of Beijing will have another thunderstorm. Affected by the thunderstorm, the flight plans of the Capital Airport have changed greatly today and tomorrow. North China air traffic control reminds passengers to pay attention to flight planning information and arrange travel plans reasonably before departure.

On Average, It Rains a Few Days a Year in Beijing

About 70 days. Where the precipitation in a day ≥ 0.1 mm is a rainy day. The rainy day in Beijing increases with the increase of altitude. The rain days are about 70 days in plain, 75 days in 500 meters above sea level, and 80 days in Ma Daoliang and Foye above 800 meters above sea level.

What Scenic Spots Are Worth Visiting near the Beijing Airport?

Airports are generally built in places with low population density and a certain distance from urban areas and scenic spots for safety reasons.

There are no places of interest near the Capital Airport. The nearest one is Crab Island Resort. You can swim, fish, meet, etc.

If there is enough time, go to the scenic spots in the city by subway. According to the subway round trip of 3 hours, two hours in advance to the airport estimated time.

Is There a Cheap Hotel near Beijing Capital Airport?

Lai Ho Hotel is located in the area of the Capital Airport, near Terminal T1 and T2 of the Capital Airport. The hotel also provides free 24-hour pick-up service. When I got there, I arrived at Beijing Railway Station. Because it was very late, there was no subway or bus, so I took a ride directly from Beijing Railway Station. The fare was about 50 yuan. The next day I had an early flight, and the hotel shuttle bus leaves at half-time at every hour, such as 04:30, 05:30, and so on. I took the earliest bus and need to go downstairs 15 minutes in advance to check out.

Should Umbrellas Be Checked during Security Check at Beijing Airport?

Passengers do not know when it will rain, and many passengers will prepare an umbrella for themselves in case of a rainy day. However, some passengers have doubts during the security check, so should the airport security umbrella be opened?

The umbrella of the airport security check needs to be opened. Because the skeleton in the umbrella is metal, if the folded umbrella is checked by the X-ray machine, the image shows a dark line, and lawbreakers will use the blind spots of the image to hide matches, knives and other contraband. For the safety of passengers, passengers need to cooperate to take out umbrellas and open them for separate inspection. Warm reminder the traveler also adopted a cooperative attitude after listening to the explanation of the security personnel.

Do Umbrellas Need to Be Checked When Flying in Beijing?

Ordinary folding umbrellas are portable and can be folded directly and put in the bag. If it is an unfoldable umbrella with a long handle, it is not allowed to be carried on the plane. Such umbrellas can only be carried by consignment.

When handling the boarding pass, the check-in formalities are directly handed over to the flight attendant. The provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on the articles that cannot be carried and checked are as follows:

It is forbidden to carry or consign the following items on civil aviation flights within the territory of China:

  • Guns, military or police weapons (including main parts and components) and their imitations;
  • Explosives, such as ammunition, pyrotechnic products, blasting materials and their imitations;
  • Control of cutting tools;
  • Flammable and explosive materials, such as matches, lighters (gas), alcohol, paint, gasoline, kerosene, benzene, rosin oil, tobacco cakes, etc.;
  • Corrosive articles, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid batteries, etc.
  • Toxic substances, such as cyanide, highly toxic pesticides, etc.;
  • Radioactive articles, such as radioisotopes, etc.;
  • Other items that endanger flight safety, such as articles with strong irritating odors, strong magnets that may interfere with the normal operation of the instruments on board, and so on.


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Are There Showers in Beijing Airport?


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