What Is the Minimum Average Temperature in Beijing in January?

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  • 2020-04-29
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Is it cold in Beijing in January? The average temperature in Beijing in January is-5 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, and the weather is cold, with an average of 5 ℃ during the day. Warm clothes such as trench coat, overcoat, coat, sweater, wool suit, suit and cold-proof clothing are recommended. The average temperature at night is-5 ℃. Heavy warm clothes such as cotton-padded coat, winter coat, leather jacket, thick tweed coat, feather hat, gloves, down jacket, leather jacket and so on are recommended. The cities with the highest average daily temperature in Beijing in January are Chaoyang (- 2 ℃), Changping (2 ℃), Daxing (2 ℃), and the cities with the lowest average daily temperature in Beijing in January are Chaoyang (- 16 ℃), Changping (- 8 ℃) and Daxing (- 8 ℃).

What Will Beijing Wear in January?

The average temperature in Beijing in January is-9 ℃-2 ℃.

Average 2 ℃ during the day, it is recommended to wear warm clothing such as trench coat, overcoat, overcoat, coat, sweater, wool suit, suit, cold-proof clothing and so on.

The average night temperature is-9 ℃. It is recommended to wear heavy warm clothes such as cotton-padded coat, winter coat, leather jacket, thick tweed coat, feather hat, gloves, down jacket, leather jacket and so on.

January is the dry season in Beijing, and there is very little precipitation. It is recommended to replenish water.

Average Monthly Weather in Beijing

Beijing is a city with four distinct seasons, and the annual lowest temperature is basically concentrated from November to February of the following year, which is the coldest in the whole year.

June to August is the hottest month of the year.

From September to October, spring and autumn are the most comfortable and suitable.

Beijing is hot and rainy in summer, cold and dry in winter, short in spring and autumn, and belongs to a typical warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate. The average temperature of the year is about 10-12 degrees Celsius. The coldest month (January)-7 degrees Celsius, the hottest month (July) 25-26 degrees Celsius. The frost-free period for the whole year is about 180 to 200 days. The average annual rainfall is about 644 mm, which is one of the areas with the highest rainfall in North China. The summer weather is hot and rainy, and the precipitation can reach 70% to 80% of the whole year. There are many sandstorms in Beijing and North China every spring, but after the government has carried out environmental control on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, the Loess Plateau and related areas of Hebei, the sand and dust situation in Beijing has been greatly improved.

月份 平均(最高温)                  平均(最低温) 月份 平均(最高温)                  平均(最低温)
一月 0°C                                              -9°C 七月 31 °C                                          23 °C
二月 5°C                                              -6°C 八月 30 °C                                          20 °C
三月 7 °C                                             2 °C 九月 25°C                                           13°C
四月 15 °C                                          4 °C 十月 20°C                                             7°C
五月 27 °C                                          13 °C 十一月 8°C                                              -4 °C
六月 29 °C                                          18 °C 十二月 2°C                                              -8 °C

Interesting Places in Beijing in January

It is the best time to go skiing together in winter, go outside to enjoy the scenery of the white-wrapped world, wearing a bright ski cap, holding a ski stick, walking on a snowboard, it is fascinating to gallop in the snow, and the snow is also a natural oxygen bar. Let’s chase the footsteps of fashion and dance in the ice and snow.

A good place to go skiing in Beijing in January: Nanshan Ski Resort.

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort is located in Miyun County, 62 kilometers away from Wanghe Bridge, with direct access to Jingcheng Expressway. It is a rare winter resort in Beijing and North China that integrates skiing, slides and other dynamic leisure sports. Daily reception capacity of 5000 people, with more than 2500 parking spaces, located in the north slope of the south mountain of Miyun County, excellent snow quality, magnificent scenery, pleasant climate.

How About Going to Beijing in January? Where Is It Suitable to Go?

Beijing is a city with a combination of classical and modern, with a very profound cultural heritage. Beijing is rich in tourism resources, beautiful scenery, many places of interest, magnificent and magnificent, and Beijing’s transportation and shopping are very convenient. and there are very famous delicacies. All these attract many tourists from home and abroad to visit Beijing.

When you go to Beijing, you must visit the Imperial Palace, which is a royal complex of buildings in the world. It is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was once inhabited by 24 emperors and is an ancient complex of existing wooden structures in the world. You can not only enjoy the unparalleled architectural art here, but also feel the majesty and style of the royal family. People often say, “he who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” when you go to Beijing, you must visit the Great Wall. There are many Great Wall near Beijing, among which the Badaling Great Wall is more famous. Climb the Great Wall you will be impressed by the wisdom of the ancient working people, standing on the Great Wall overlooking, beautiful scenery panoramic view, you can not help but give birth to a heroic and moved. The Temple of Heaven is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifices, and it is also a group of buildings offering sacrifices to heaven.

The Summer Palace is one of the four famous gardens in China. It is located in Haidian District, Beijing. At present, it is a well-preserved royal garden in China. The buildings of the Summer Palace are very majestic and magnificent, and the scenery is very beautiful. Jingshan, Beihai, Xiangshan and other places are also worth visiting. There are many delicacies in Beijing, such as Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing’s Tomatoes on sticks and so on. No matter which season you come to Beijing, it will bring you a very beautiful enjoyment, because visiting Beijing is not limited by the season, because Beijing not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also attracts people with its profound cultural heritage and many places of interest.

Where Is It Suitable to Visit Beijing in the Middle of January?

Traditional entertainment, Houhai skating, traditional events in old Beijing, if people from the south can go skiing on the outskirts of Beijing, the Bird’s Nest has also been changed into a ski resort, Sanlitun bar, industrial sports nightclub, you should be no stranger to Beijing for a long time.

Cultural appreciation, have you been to the National Grand Theater? there are many performances at the New year National Grand Theater. Let’s go and have a look.

For folk activities, go to Yonghegong Lamasery and Tanzhe Temple to burn incense and pray for their happiness. Go to Deyun Society to listen to crosstalk and Lao she teahouse to drink a pot of tea.

Luxury, there are many hot springs around Beijing, such as Jiuhua Villa, go to soak together. Stay in a five-star hotel or couples hotel for one night and enjoy the experience.

Happy Valley opens in winter, even if it gets cold, it doesn’t matter if you’re not afraid.

Is It Appropriate to Go to Beijing in January? Is It Cold?

Beijing’s winter is still very cold, mainly because the wind is relatively strong, you can wear a scarf hat mask, it will be much better.

The lake froze in January, and those worth visiting are also distinctive, such as: Shicha can skate, Weiming Lake of Peking University can also skate, and there are people who rent skates.

Beijing is the coldest in January and February every year, and the temperature during the day is probably between-1 °and-5 °. The coldest at night (early morning) can reach-8 °~-10 °. The snow in Beijing will not be very heavy, compared with Harbin, Beijing is a little warmer.

There is a characteristic of Beijing’s winter, dry and cold, which is the kind of northwest wind blowing, which is more piercing. If there is heating in the room, it is not cold at all, it is very warm, it is almost enough to wear a piece of clothing. If you go out, it is recommended that you still need to be fully armed, ha, hats, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, masks, etc., it is better to wear, this will be more comfortable.

If you want to travel, just take the thickest clothes with you. But it won’t bring much, just an external one will be fine. You can wear more than one or two sets of clothes properly.

A Tourist Route to Beijing in January

D1: Tiananmen Square-Imperial Palace-Jingshan-Beihai Park-Shicha

In the morning, go to Tiananmen Square, pass by Changan Street, go to the square and turn around the Tiananmen Tower, the Monument to the people’s Heroes, the Great Hall of the people, the National Museum of China, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and Zhengyangmen Tower. Then go to the Imperial Palace and visit the three main halls, Palace of Heavenly Purity, Jiaotai Hall, Kunning Palace, Imperial Garden and Treasure Hall. Then go out from the north gate of the Imperial Palace to visit Jingshan Park. As the highest point on the central axis of Beijing, you can have a panoramic view of Beijing. In the afternoon, go to Beihai Park to visit Jingxinzhai, Jiulongbi, Liuli Pavilion, Shanyin Hall, Dushan Yuhai, Xiao Xitian Guanyin Hall, Yanlou Corridor, Tuancheng, Yongan Bridge, Wulong Pavilion, White Pagoda, Tongxian Chenglupan, Qionghua Island. Go to Shici at night to see the night view.

D2: Summer Palace-Tsinghua University-Old Summer Palace-Peking University-Wangfujing

Arrive at the Summer Palace in the morning and visit the East Palace Gate, Renshou Hall, Dehe Garden Theater, Leshou Hall, long Corridor, Wanshou Hill, Paiyun Hall, four continents, Foxiang Pavilion, Shifang, Nanhu Island, Seventeen Kong Bridge, Zhenshui Tongniu, Kunming Lake West Embankment, Yudai Bridge, Harmony Garden, Suzhou Street and other scenic spots. Then from the east gate of the Summer Palace, we visit Tsinghua University. Take No. 681from the west gate of Tsinghua University (Ximen Station of Tsinghua University-Old Summer Palace Dongmen Station) and visit Old Summer Palace. Leave the park around 5: 00 in the afternoon and get off at No. 664 (Old Summer Palace Dongmen Station-Shangdi Huandao South Station) to Peking University. If you visit Wangfujing Street in the evening, you can consider eating Beijing Roast Duck at Wangfujing Restaurant in Quanjude.

D3: Badaling-Bird’s Nest-Water Cube-Qianmen Fence

In the morning, take the subway to Jishuitan, get out of the subway and take the 880, 919 express (an air-conditioned train from Badaling) to Badaling and climb the Han slope. In the afternoon, visit the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. In the night, visit the Qianmen fence and Tiananmen night view.

It is recommended that you go to eLong to make a reservation in advance, and then eat. You can go to Dianping to see the recommendation and go to Meituan for group purchase.

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What Is the Minimum Average Temperature in Beijing in January?


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