Is Shanghai Worth Visiting?

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Shanghai is an international metropolis with all kinds of rivers. The traditional Wu-Yue culture in the south of the Yangtze River and the western industrial culture form Shanghai’s unique Shanghai-style culture, which attracts a large number of tourists to Shanghai every year. There are many places suitable for playing and shopping in Shanghai, including the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Nanjing Road pedestrian Street, Shanghai Disneyland and Shanghai Yiolai outlets, all of which are especially suitable for the whole family. Here are the three most interesting places to visit: the Bund, Shanghai Disneyland and Shanghai Yiolai outlets.

The Bund: located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, the Bund can be said to be one of the most symbolic scenic spots in Shanghai. The dozens of buildings of different styles in Puxi bear witness to Shanghai’s Shanghai-style culture. Pudong’s Jinmao Tower, World Financial Center, Shanghai Center and other skyscrapers are Shanghai’s charming city skyline. Every night, the landscape lights on both sides of the Pujiang River are on, making it suitable for the family to experience the Shanghai style of the city on the Bund.

Shanghai Disneyland: Shanghai Disneyland has been very popular since its opening. It is the first Disney theme park in mainland China, with seven theme parks, two Hotel Theme and a subway station. there are fantasy fairy tale castles, wonderful float tours, a variety of games, and you can interact with many Disney friends, watch wonderful performances and experience a unique immersive experience. Take the whole family to Shanghai to play, with or without children, Shanghai Disneyland is worth going to.

Shanghai Yioulai outlets: national AAAA tourist scenic spot, the biggest feature is to provide guests with the dual experience of leisure tourism and luxury shopping. Next to Shanghai Disneyland, there is also a Shanghai Yiolai outlets, which belongs to the well-known Bist Shopping Village series in Europe. The shopping environment is very beautiful and consists of crescent buildings facing lakes. These buildings blend the styles of different cities such as Milan, Vienna and Paris, and are full of decorationism and exotic customs, so they have become popular destinations for many shopping tourists to sign in in the circle of friends.

A Small Place Worth Visiting in Shanghai

Yicang Art Museum

Yicang Art Museum, located by the Huangpu River, is converted from a coal bunker and is a new member of the museum. Most people know about the art warehouse because of the genius designer Paul Smith exhibition, but all those who have been there are attracted by this artistic building.

The interior and exterior of the Yicang Art Museum are very cold and breezy, with bare concrete walls and full of INS style for photos. There are many exhibitions in the museum, which are different each time. You can look at the exhibition information online before you go.

80,000 Ton Silo

The 80,000-ton silo at Minsheng Wharf on the east bank of the Huangpu River was once the “largest bulk grain silo in Asia.” In the past 17 years, after a magnificent transformation, it has become an artistic landmark of Shanghai. Once the extensive sense of granary and art were combined to make it unique.

When I saw the 80,000-ton silo for the first time, its vastness always had a strong visual impact on people, making people have to look up at this behemoth. Outside the silo, an external escalator was installed on the side of the Huangpu River, and the eastward Huangpu River could be seen through the window.

M50 Creative Park

M50 is the abbreviation of No. 50 Moganshan Road, which was originally a textile factory, but it has been rebuilt to form the present Creative Park. Here is a gathering place for literature and art lovers, less noisy and commercial atmosphere, you can have a good feel of the artistic atmosphere.

The most distinctive feature of the Creative Park is the wall-to-wall graffiti and free gallery exhibitions along the street, where you can see the works of various painters, such as abstract, realistic, watercolor, oil painting and so on. There are also many creative shops where you can take some pictures and stay in a coffee shop or bookstore if you are tired.

Sweet Love Road

Sweet Love Road is known as the most romantic love road in Shanghai, and it is also a place for many couples to sign in. There is a wooden frame every two meters on both sides of the road, which is engraved with 28 famous Chinese and foreign love poems, forming a “love wall”. The love mailbox at the intersection is so popular that you can send a postcard with a love postmark to him or her.

Duolun Road

Duolun Road, near Lu Xun Park, is an L-shaped path with a length of more than 500 meters. Retro small buildings and figure sculptures with red or green bricks can be seen everywhere along the road, which are very suitable for taking pictures and walking. Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruo and many other writers once lived here, and now there are many small folk art collection pavilions, which can feel a strong cultural atmosphere.

Dongping Road

Dongping Road, a secluded path perched in bustling parts of Shanghai, has verdant Indus and deep courtyards. In a short distance of 100 meters, there are many celebrity mansions. The old Shanghai Garden Villa here is reflected in the courtyard, showing a gloomy aristocratic temperament. There is no bus, there are not many pedestrians, so it looks elegant, comfortable and quiet.

Nanchang Road

Nanchang Road, once a French concession, is very close to the bustling Huaihai Road, but it is still quiet and leisurely, hiding the former homes of celebrities. Adjacent to Yandang Road and Sinan Road, there are many old houses, Science Hall and other buildings are very beautiful, but also scattered with a lot of unknown characteristic shops, it is worth visiting.

Wukang Road

Wukang Road is a veritable “Celebrity Road”, where many historic buildings and celebrity residences are located. There are lush old trees on both sides of the road, walking here, very comfortable and leisurely Wukang Road landmark Wukang Building has also become a sign-in place for many tourists.

Tongji University

On March, there was nothing more worth seeing than cherry blossoms in Tongji University. walking on the campus road, it was as if you were in a sea of flowers. During the cherry blossom season, there were many community activities and performances on Tongji campus to make this cherry blossom tour more fun.

East China University of Political Science and Law

East China University of political Science and Law is a university with the flavor of the Republic of China. The scenery of the campus is full of the style of the ecclesiastical school of that era, especially the Taofeng Building in the center, the red brick four and the large patio in the center. Almost every TV series filming modern universities will be filmed here.

Fudan University

Fudan University is also a good tourist spot in Shanghai. The Guanghua Building, which looks like the Twin Towers, stands tall on the campus. Yanyuan and Sunrise Garden have the characteristics of the south of the Yangtze River. Hua Avenue is full of lush trees such as camphor, metasequoia, ginkgo, French sycamore, etc., suitable for hanging out.

Shanghai Film and Television Paradise

Shanghai Film and Television Park is modelled on the old building in Shanghai, recreating the old concession in Shanghai in the 1930s. Many film and television works have been photographed here, and they may even meet a favorite crew when they go there.

Nanpu Bridge Puxi Station bus Hub Station

Don’t underestimate this bus stop, it is known as “the most beautiful bus stop in Shanghai”. A cherry blossom season, it is surrounded by a large area of cherry trees, waiting for the bus under the cherry trees, a gust of wind blowing, the flowers withered, as if in a sea of flowers.

Yu Garden

Yuyuan Garden is the only one of the five major gardens in Shanghai that is located in the urban area. The transportation is very convenient. This classical garden, with exquisite design, quiet environment, pavilions, rockery and ponds, is a rare quaint place in a bustling city.

Sinan residence

Sinan residence is the core area of the French concession in the 1920s, with 51 garden houses with a long history, with a variety of architectural styles gathered here, a collection of humanities, fashion and history. People who like foreign-style houses must not miss the place.

These minority locations can be said to be a real lack of scenery and beauty. Whether you want to taste art Shanghai in the creative museum or look for traces of old Shanghai in the streets, there is always a place for you. Take advantage of the Qingming Festival holiday, spring is just right, you might as well come to Shanghai for a visit.


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Is Shanghai Worth Visiting?


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