How Safe Is Shanghai?

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  • 2020-05-28
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Shanghai is one of the safest places in the world. If you have any questions, call 110 in time, the little brother of the police will be here in five minutes, and the police are very handsome.

The law and order in Shanghai is no longer limited to people, even kittens are protected. I am from Shanghai. When you graduate from high school, you are almost 18 years old. You don’t have to worry about law and order in Shanghai. The police uncle in Shanghai is cute enough to help you save your kittens. Earlier, when a policeman was on patrol, he saw a little girl waiting in the middle of the road to find out the situation. The little girl heard a cat barking and thought it might be in the chassis of a nearby car. Later, the uncle of the police helped to find it, and it was really in the chassis. The uncle policeman was not released until he was taken to a nearby neighborhood. Basically, if you have any questions, just call 110, don’t worry. As for hotel accommodation, choose chain hotels, rest assured, tickets do not look for scalpers, online booking in advance, basically no problem, places with large flow of people to take care of their own property, thieves may have, it is necessary to pay attention to safety.

Data Related to Social Security in Shanghai

The police situation of 110 alarm categories in the city decreased by 20.9% compared with the same period last year, the number of illegal and criminal cases reported in the city decreased by 28.9% compared with the same period last year, and the number of criminal cases solved increased by 16.4%.

The number of cases of theft, robbery and fraud in the city increased by 21.0% compared with the same period last year, and the number of police officers of “110” cases of theft, robbery and fraud decreased by 43.5%, of which the number of police officers of “110” cases of burglary decreased by 47.3% compared with the same period last year.

The number of telecom network fraud cases solved and the number of suspected criminals arrested in the city increased by 174.9% and 163.1% respectively compared with the same period last year.

If the declining crime rate, rising detection rate, persistently high sense of security and satisfaction survey data are still too abstract, we interviewed 30 ordinary people who have intersected with the city. Listen to the moment when they feel the “sense of security, satisfaction” of the city.

Is Beijing Safe for Tourists?

“I often walk down the street with my daughter at night.”

Daniel, 40, American, teacher of Shanghai Changning International School.

I have lived in this city for 16 years. When I first came here, crossing the road was the thing I was most worried about. Once, when I was walking on a zebra crossing, a car drove past me as it honked its horn and almost hit me. After that, I often wait for the cars to drive away before I dare to cross the road.

In recent years, I have found that the traffic order in Shanghai has been greatly improved. Nowadays, cars almost always slow down or stop at zebra crossings without signal lights to let pedestrians go first, and no one will honk their horns to urge pedestrians. I can safely let the little girl cross the road by herself. No matter driving or walking, I feel that the traffic order in Shanghai is getting better and better, and the degree of safety is getting higher and higher.

Some American friends will compare Shanghai with New York. New York is safe during the day, but some neighborhoods may still encounter chaos at night. But in Shanghai, you don’t have to worry about law and order at night. I often walk in the street with my little girl at night, and nothing bad has ever happened to me. This is a very reassuring city.

Ms. Fan, 39, the mother of the person involved in “missing Junior High School students” in 2016.

On October 25, 2016, his son, who was in junior high school, lost his temper and left home. It was my first time to deal with the police, and they asked me a lot of questions, but my mind went blank at that time. I remember them saying, “parents must rest assured that we will bring the children back safely.”

Not only the police, but after the incident, people from all walks of life and many enthusiastic citizens who had never met before were helping to find their children. More than 60 hours later, on the third day my son left, the police told us that he had found it in Hangzhou.

The moment I saw the child safe and sound at the police station was the safest moment I felt. Police looking for children day and night, subway workers who give help to children, citizens who have never met but are eager to help our citizens. In my mind, these people constitute the most solid barrier to protect the safety of the city.

Miss Chen, 26, is an undergraduate in Shanghai and an international student in Sydney.

It’s 9 o’clock in the evening. I just finished watching the movie and waited for the bus at the platform. Dim lights, sparse pedestrians, the thought of possible drunks, robbers, and people who want to do it simply because of racial discrimination, even though they have companions around them, they still tremble.

I miss Shanghai very much at this time. The Shanghai Film Festival is coming again. At this time every year when I was an undergraduate, I would watch a few late-night movies alone. After that, I took a taxi back to school alone. I never felt afraid or encountered danger.

Yang Yang, 24, a resident of this city, has a creed of “stay real” in his life.

When I held a concert in Shanghai last May, I received two netizens from non-local fan groups. I didn’t get a cab after the concert, so I accompanied them and sang for an hour and went back to the hotel. Others asked you three girls in the WeChat group if they were not afraid so late. I sweat, I watched so many concerts in Shanghai, and I never felt it was unsafe to walk back to the end of the show.

Junjun,19 is an undergraduate student.

The counselor just reminded everyone in the class group during the day that there were many thieves near the school recently, so watch out for wallets and mobile phones. When I returned to school in the evening, I saw the police car and the policeman on patrol at the door.

Aunt Gu, 49, convenience store clerk.

When I heard that I was going to work the night shift, my relatives and friends asked if they were afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Monsters dare not come with bright lights in the store, and the bad guys even more dare not– the police sign in with us at night.

Mr. Yan, 46, has been driving safely for 22 years.

My friend’s driver’s license was temporarily withheld, and he bragged with me that he dared to drive during this period. “absolutely no problem”. He was arrested the next day.

Tang Doudou, 12 years old, in primary school.

It has been a year since I took the subway to my interest class on weekends. If I don’t know, I will go to the subway staff and the police, and they will be happy to help me.

Zhou Zhengdong, head of Safety, property Engineering Department of Magnolia Square.

The tallest building in Puxi where I work is 320 meters, and the alarm of abnormal carbon dioxide concentration on each floor can be sent to my mobile phone-with this technology, the signs of fire can be detected as soon as possible without having to look or smell.

Tang Yiping, 38, white-collar worker.

Two months ago, my father received a phone call saying that he had been opened a bank card under a false name for money laundering. As soon as the phone hung up, another call came in and said it was a fraudulent call, and then the police came to remind him. We are very embarrassed, the police said that it does not matter, your money is more important than anything else, we are also happy.

“more and more private car owners will stop at the zebra crossing to signal me to go first.”

Jiang Langsha, 28, travel enthusiast.

When I came to Shanghai on National Day holiday last year, the Bund was the first scenic spot. What impressed me most was not the scenery, but the neat lines of police and armed police on the road, who unexpectedly lined up human flesh switches to escort tourists across the road.

I have walked through so many cities, this kind of landscape is unique. I am very moved, can it be unsafe to achieve this level? I kind of envy the people who live here every day.

Yoyo Yan,24, who has been studying in the United States for 3 years.

When I traveled to Shanghai with my friends, I asked seven or eight questions. The little brother of the police was very patient and was very familiar with the surrounding traffic and scenic spots. Behind me, there is an old foreign couple asking for directions. I want to help them as an interpreter. I can’t get a word in their little brother English 666 at all.

Yuan, 31, is a passer-by who works in many cities.

Most of the sense of security given to me by this city comes from small details. For example, more and more private car owners will stop at the zebra crossing and signal me to pass first.

In fact, when it comes to safety, most cities in China are good. I didn’t have a problem going out for midnight snacks in the city where I lived before, but Shanghai just feels like “a little forward and a little more”.

Celia,24, a tourist.

When I came to Shanghai before, the road of the century was very wide, with people coming and going, but it was very orderly. When I saw the green light turned yellow, everyone would stop immediately. The car, too, saw that the green light turned yellow, and almost all stopped instead of speeding through.

Bai Yuwei, 29, lives in the Yangtze River Delta.

At 9: 00 p. M., a side road without cars. A father pulled his son and said, “look, this is a red light.” The child said, “you can’t go at the red light, but only at the green light.”

Mr. Lu, 31, is a resident of this city.

I asked for a half-day off to get a passport for my 2-year-old son, but it was done in 20 minutes. With the foreigner boss Amway Shanghai efficiency, he was surprised to say that you just knew.

Yao Zhi, 28, a resident of this city.

Call to consult to help Grandpa change his ID card, ask his age on the phone, and directly arrange for someone to come to the door to take photos, and the certificate is also sent by express delivery-Grandpa has never been out of the house in the whole process.

Ma Qianpao, netizen.

In most public places in Shanghai, security guards take the initiative to maintain order, not just wait for trouble to show up. The level of automation in some hospitals is really not high, but the queue is very neat. From triage to registration, queue jumpers will be politely invited out by security guards as long as they need to queue up, and the order is very satisfactory.

Yang Xin, 28, would die without a subway.
How Safe Is Shanghai
The little brother of the security check stood silently and firmly in front of the aunt who refused the security check until the other party had picked up the bag of the X-ray machine.

Miss Shen, supporters of “forget age” and “shoot at random”

I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t seen vagrants and beggars on the subway for a long time.

Herbie, 28, a Pakistani, does business in Shanghai.

A few years ago, a thief in the home of a Brazilian friend of mine had his laptop, mobile phone and iPad stolen. There were a lot of business materials in it. At that time, he thought he would never find it, but a few days later the police caught the thief and recovered what his friend had lost. It turned out that the police accumulated and analyzed the case data, checked the camera cameras, and solved many cases at once.

When I get together with friends on weekends, I sometimes go home at two or three o’clock in the evening, and I can see the policemen on patrol on the way. I know that there is an invisible net in Shanghai that supervises the bad guys and protects us. So I became a Ping an volunteer in Changning District in 2016, and I want to do something to maintain this sense of security from the bottom of my heart.

Lu Shunshun, a soldier of the mobile unit of the Shanghai Armed Police Corps.

Every holiday, I will work with my comrades-in-arms to form a human wall on Nanjing Road, the Bund and other places. People call it “on-off” or “zipper” crossing the road. Do not underestimate this simple action, which can really effectively maintain traffic order and ensure the safety of the general public and tourists.

Mr. Yu, 32, is an unimaginable sad adult in a world where he doesn’t come home at 3: 00 in the morning.

The place where I work is far from where I live. I worked overtime until two o’clock in the morning and finally got a taxi. The taxi driver asked me to fasten my seat belt and said I could get some sleep. I’ll be there in 40 minutes. In a daze, the master woke me up and arrived at the gate of the community for exactly 40 minutes.

Yu Fenghua, an employee of Starbucks, a brave man in the people’s Square carrying LPG cylinders and vehicles in the fire.

On February 2 this year, a van crashed into a tree in front of our store, injuring several people and starting to smoke. My colleague and I rushed over with a fire extinguisher. When the matter is urgent, I didn’t think about fear: on the one hand, the company usually conducts regular fire drills and training; on the other hand, there are a lot of people helping, so we want to put out the fire and save people as soon as possible.

Mr. Feng, Senior Vice President of data Services.

I made an appointment with my friends for dinner at the beginning of the year, and I rode ofo there. The implementation of bicycles in the motor lanes of Yan’an Central Road and Huashan Road was caught by the traffic police and given a warning and punishment. Yan’an Road is prohibited from non-motorized vehicles. I didn’t bring my wallet or traffic card at that time. I was very embarrassed. The traffic police paid me 10 yuan and told me that it was difficult to call a taxi during the evening peak and asked me to take the subway.

Zhou Liang, traffic policeman at the intersection of Beijing West Road and Jiaozhou Road.

It snows in Shanghai before the Spring Festival this year, and there are still many cars on the road just before 9 o’clock in the evening. Many pedestrians also walk very slowly because of the skidding of the road. A driver rolled down his window and shouted to pedestrians, “take your time, take your time.” none of the cars in line honked their horns at that time.

Ms. Qin, 37, is a hot mother in the workplace.

Most of my relatives are not in Shanghai, and there are always people in the family group who are shocked. The news that a child was robbed in broad daylight in Shanghai-of course, they were the ones who ended up being hit in the face. I can’t do anything else, but I’m sure I’ll be the first to turn this kind of rumor-refuting message, not to love Shanghai.

Yu Ming, 31, Chongming “islanders” stuck in traffic.

Several times I drove to and from Chongming and downtown, the road was congested, but no one occupied the emergency driveway. Actually, it’s not as congested as it used to be.

Mr. Tang, 27, an employee of an Internet company.

At the height of the live broadcast, a man was caught pretending to take drugs the next day. We joked that there were no “Internet celebrities” in Shanghai– “Internet celebrities” were in the news of the rule of law the next day. There are rules in Shanghai. If you live here, you must obey the rules.

And finally–

Mr. Fan, 24, is a graduate student.

In Shanghai, I never thought about whether it was safe or not. Does this mean that I have sense of security?


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How Safe Is Shanghai?


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