What Should I Buy in Beijing?

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  • 2020-04-26
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In Beijing, you can bring some specialties home. Common specialties are: Beijing Yali pear, Beijing autumn pear paste, Poria cocos sandwich, Beijing crisp sugar, Liubiju pickles, Beijing weaving blankets, Beijing carved lacquer, cloisonne, Beijing jade, interior painting pot, Beijing wine, Beijing Baifeng pills, Angong Niuhuang pills, tiger bone wine, Beijing embroidery, peach, Mongolian Hot Pot, Beijing sauerkraut, Miyun golden jujube, Shaofengshan roses, persimmons, Beijing noodles, boiled tripe, stewed liver, fried liver, fried liver. Bean juice / coke circle, White Water Sheep head, Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit / Steamed Jiaozi, Roast Duck, Mongolian Hot Pot, Sauce Meat, Huaguo Temple snacks, Niujie Zhai moon cakes, Huatian snacks, Yueshengzhai roast mutton.

What Should I Buy in Beijing?

The first thing everyone can think of is roast duck and preserved fruit.

But if you want to take roast duck home, especially for a long distance from Beijing, the roast is not suitable.
Because if you buy fresh roast duck in Quanjude and bring it back, it will be out of order.

But the taste of soft-packaged roast duck is very different from that of real roast duck.

It is best to buy preserved fruit carefully, because as mentioned above, some of them contain preservatives and pigments that are not good for your health.

You certainly don’t want your parents to get sick.

I think it would be nice to find a calligraphy and painting shop to write a word for my parents.

Or, you can go to the shops on both sides of Wangfujing pedestrian Street. Some handicraft shops have exquisite things and the prices are not very expensive.

Like what handicrafts chopsticks, cloisonne and so on are not very expensive, the workmanship is also very good, parents must be very happy to see it.

As for those who want to buy food or something to honor their parents, they might as well buy some food near home that their parents used to like to eat, so that they will feel very happy.

But you can also buy a soft-packaged roast duck and let your parents taste the Beijing specialties. If you really want to eat authentic ones, pick up your parents and have a dinner together when you go back to Beijing.

Give them a good filial piety!

In addition, the more authentic Beijing snacks are:

Ice flower crisp, ice ball, Beijing zongzi, Beijing snacks, smelly beans, Beijing crisp candy, Beijing roast duck, “Liubiju”, Beijing pancakes, crystal gate, Beijing fish vegetables, white sheep head meat, Daoxiang village dim sum, Liubiju pickles.

I like the dim sum in Daoxiang Village. Now the pickles in Liubiju are not so delicious.

What Should I Take Home With Beijing Specialties?

Poria Cocos Cake, Preserved Fruit

This is an old specialty from Beijing, everyone has to bring it, you must also bring it, choose some exquisite packaging for your aunt, and the rest can choose affordable ones for your own home.

Beijing Yogurt

It’s made in porcelain jars. It’s exquisite. Beijing yoghurt is an old brand. We don’t have it here, and it tastes good. It’s not expensive. It looks like it’s about four yuan with a can. This kind of food and drink I feel very Beijing flavor, but also very cheap, too suitable for our common people to give gifts.

If you have some money left over, you can go to the jewelry store, and some necklaces will be bought cheaply at a discount.

Old Beijingers Tell You What “Beijing Specialties” to Buy to Take Home!

Buy some Daoxiang village snacks.

Buy some sliced sausages and deep-fry them with garlic sauce.

Buy a Quanjude roast duck and you can buy it at Quanjude’s.

If you don’t have time, buy something ready-made.

Bring Zhongnanhai, want the kind of blue amorous feelings that do not exist in other places, black Zhongnanhai, green tea Zhongnanhai and so on.

Buy things that are not available in hometown, and things that relatives and friends are reluctant to buy, such as Xiaomi floor sweeping robot, every time the old man and old lady can see things and show off to their relatives and friends.

Buy a commemorative stamp album or something, do what you like, buy whatever the old man and old lady like, and if you really don’t know, buy clothes and send them with invoice labels.

Is There Any Specialty in Beijing That Can Be Taken Home and Where Is the Better Place to Buy It?

The most famous and common are Poria cocos cake, preserved fruit, Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour, baked sweet potato, Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit and so on. Small packages are weighed by weight, and the types of products are now more and more.

Established manufacturers include red snail, royal food garden, etc., almost.

All the large supermarkets in Beijing have counters in bulk, as well as counters at airports and stations.
It can be said that you can buy it everywhere.

In addition, Beijing Roast Duck is packaged in vacuum and can also be bought in supermarkets, railway stations and airports.

Quanjude and other big brands of vacuum roast duck can also be bought in stores.

Beijing’s cakes are also famous. Daoxiang Village is famous, and there are specialty stores in Xidan, Dongzhimen and other places.

You can buy it.

Beijing traditional dim sum pot helmet and so on.

Most Beijing specialties also have online flagship stores, which do not have to be brought back all the way back.

Introduce Several Specialties That Are Easy to Carry, Affordable and Suitable for Personal Use:

Liubiju pickles in Liubiju sauce garden with a history of more than 450 years.

Poria cocos, originally a court food at the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Beijing crisp candy.

one of the three famous sugars in China, Beijing sweet-scented osmanthus wine that has been brewed in China for more than 3000 years (it is not easy to fly) .

Beijing preserved fruit from the imperial dining room.

As for roast duck, you’d better not take it with you. It doesn’t taste like that if you take it back to eat.

The Gift Recommendation With the Characteristics of Beijing

Folding Fan of Special Gifts in Beijing

A folding fan, in addition to the role of attracting the wind and enjoying the cool, is still a decoration for the beautification of life. The ancients liked to hang the folding fan on the waist to show good taste. Although modern people no longer like it, it is also a good decoration to put a beautiful folding fan at home.

The folding fan in people’s hearts is not only a fan tool, but also a cultural thing, which can represent the gift of Chinese culture.

Comic Books With Special Gifts in Beijing (Comic Books)

Comic books, commonly known as comic books, in the past, comic books are children’s favorite books, comic books also had such a period of prosperity, equivalent to today’s best-selling comic books.

Although the era of comic books has passed, as an ancient Chinese traditional art, it still has a high status in people’s hearts and attracts the attention of collectors.

Masterpieces such as Journey to the West, Romance of the three Kingdoms and Outlaws of the Marsh have appeared in the form of comic books, and they are also people’s favorite comic books.

Master Rabbit as a Special Gift in Beijing

Master Rabbit is a traditional handicraft in Beijing, the most representative gift from Beijing, and a toy for children. People turn the saying that there is Chang’e Jade Rabbit in the Moon Palace into reality, personify the Jade Rabbit and shape it out of clay to form the Rabbit Master.

Diabolo as a special gift in Beijing

Diabolo is a traditional folk toy of the Han nationality, suitable for all ages. Diabolo is made of bamboo or wood with single and double wheels.

The game of shaking diabolo has a long history, but it actually appeared in ancient times, and the way of shaking diabolo began to mature in the Qing Dynasty.


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What Should I Buy in Beijing?


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