Guiyang Travel Tips

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  • 2020-03-27

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province, located in the middle of Guizhou, surrounded by mountains, is a veritable mountain city. For most travelers, Guiyang is often just a transit station during the journey. Although few people know her seriously, there are still scenic spots such as Qianling Mountain and Qingyan Ancient Town that are worth visiting, and there are night markets that can fill your mouth.

Guiyang in midsummer is an excellent place to avoid summer. The climate here is pleasant, and there are few high temperatures above 30 ℃ in the hottest period. The perfect combination of the green forest and the city not only makes the whole city green, but also creates a natural oxygen bar. Therefore, Guiyang officials also hit the city slogan "refreshing Guiyang".

However, "refreshing" shows not only the coolness of summer, but also the delicacy of Guiyang cuisine. Breakfast that is not the same for a week, street snacks such as siwawa(丝娃娃), love bean curd(恋爱豆腐果), potato poop(洋芋粑粑), night market delicacies such as hot water(清水烫), barbecue meat and grilled fish, and specialties such as Fish in Sour Soup(酸汤鱼) and spicy chicken(辣子鸡). I'm afraid you'll have to stay for a while if you want to try them all.

In addition to green mountains and beautiful rivers and delicious food, comfort is another business card of Guiyang. The pace of life here is slow, without the tension and busyness of the metropolis, the elderly like to play cards by the side of the park, and workers can often go to the night market to eat enthusiastically. This lazy magnanimity and tolerance may be another gesture of the city.

Best travel time

Summer is the best travel season in Guiyang.

Summer (June-August)

The summer in Guiyang is comfortable and pleasant, and the temperature rarely exceeds 30 ℃, making it a well-deserved summer resort. The whole city is green, the canyons in the suburbs are adventurous and exciting, and there are summer desserts such as ice slurry. However, it coincides with the rainy season, so you need to take rain gear with you.

Spring (March-May)

A hundred flowers bloom in and around Guiyang, and large tracts of rape and pear blossoms show you the splendor of "Golden Sea and Snow Mountain". Cherry blossoms are also blooming here one after another, and the scenery may be as good as that of Wuhan.

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn is suitable for climbing Qianling Mountain, in addition to climbing high and looking far away, you can also enjoy the fun of teasing monkeys. If you want to find the meaning of autumn, the fiery red maple forest of Hongfeng Lake, the Golden Avenue of Huaxi and the Reed are all typical autumn beauty.

Winter (December-February)

The winter scenery of Guiyang is slightly boring compared with the other three seasons, but fortunately, rich food is never absent, and hot and sour tastes can also help you relieve the cold and wet chill. In addition, soaking in hot springs is also a more suitable winter pastime.

Consumption level

The consumption level of Guiyang is medium, which is lower than that of first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and tourist cities.

Scenic Spot

The basic admission fee for most parks is no more than 10 yuan or free of charge, but there may be additional charges for scenic spots and transportation projects.

Qingyan ancient town joint ticket 80 yuan per person.


The price of all kinds of snacks is more affordable, noodles, siwawa, desserts and other snacks are generally about 10 yuan per portion, tofu Yuanzi 1.5 yuan per piece.

The average per capita dinner of Guizhou cuisine is 50 per cent, 70 yuan.


Guiyang basically takes the bus, and the ticket price is 2 yuan per time. The taxi starts at 10 yuan, 1.80 yuan per kilometer during the day and 2.16 yuan per kilometer at night.

The bus is the most convenient and fast means of transportation in Guiyang, it can reach anywhere in Guiyang city, and the stations and trains are relatively dense, so there is no need to worry about overtaking and missing the bus (except suburban lines).

Official website:
Tel: 0851 Mui 5986000.


The city and suburb lines are unmanned, so you need to have the change ready.

An ordinary car costs 1 yuan, an air-conditioned car costs 2 yuan, and there is usually a sign on the coin box or side window.

Some bus lines are reverse to each other, such as Route 1 and Route 2, Route 10 and Route 12.


Because of the construction of the subway, some road sections and bus lines have changed.

Be sure to see the stop sign clearly when you take the bus.

Some of the roads are one-way, and vehicles in the opposite direction may have to cross two blocks to get there.

If you are not sure, you can ask the local people who are waiting for the bus.

Running time

During the day: 6: 00, 00: 00, 22: 00.

Night: summer (Mar-November) 22-00-the next day-1-00, winter (12-2) 22-00-00-24-00.

Suburbs: 6:30-19:00, individual lines slightly later to 21:00.

IC card

Guiyang bus can use IC card, ticket card can be discounted by 10%.

Recharge point query:


There is little difference in hotel prices in different regions of Guiyang, with three-star hotels about 200 yuan per night, four-star hotels about 400 yuan per night, five-star hotels around Guanshan Lake about 750 yuan per night, and Youth Travel beds about 50 yuan per night.

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