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  • 2020-03-23

Guiyang is located in the "Golden Triangle" tourist area of Guizhou, and the tourism resources in this area are rich and colorful. The developed scenic spots involve 32 scenic types. there are mountains, rivers, canyons, lakes, karst, caves, waterfalls, hot springs, primeval forests, humanities, ancient city pavilions and other tourism resources.

By 2016, the city had 307 cultural relics protection units at all levels, 7 national key cultural relics protection units, and 10 scenic spots, including 2 national scenic spots and 8 provincial-level scenic spots. There are 1 national historical and cultural town, 1 Chinese historical and cultural village, and 14 villages with Chinese ethnic minority characteristics. There are 1 national AAAAA tourist scenic spot, 13 national AAAA tourist scenic spot, 5 national AAA tourist scenic spot, 1 national AA tourist scenic spot, and 5 national agricultural tourism demonstration sites.

Major scenic spots

Hongfeng Lake(红枫湖)

Hongfeng Lake Scenic spot has a total water area of 57.2 square kilometers and a water storage capacity of 600 million cubic meters, which is the largest man-made lake on the Guizhou plateau. It is located on the outskirts of Qingzhen, 33 kilometers away from Guiyang and less than an hour by car. The water surface of the lake reaches 2 km from east to west and 25 km from north to south. The lake is surrounded by red maple trees.

Qingyan ancient town(青岩古镇)

Qingyan ancient town is located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang, about 29 kilometers away from the urban area, founded in the eleventh year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (1378), is one of the most famous cultural ancient towns in Guizhou. The ancient town covers an area of 3 square kilometers, and the layout of the town follows the pattern of the Ming and Qing dynasties, with nine temples, eight temples, five pavilions, three caves, two ancestral halls, one palace and one courtyard, with a total of more than 30 temples and ancestral halls.

Wenchang Pavilion(文昌阁)

Wenchang Pavilion, located in the eastern corner of Guiyang City, was founded in the 24 year of Ming Wanli (1596). Wenchang Pavilion east to west, 20 meters high, the tone is mainly bluish gray, with a significant architectural style of the Ming Dynasty. Its structure is three layers, three eaves, nine corners and unequal angles.

Jia Xiulou(甲秀楼)

Jiaxiu Lou Cultural relic Scenic spot is located on the bank of Nanming River in the city. It covers an area of more than 4000 square meters and is composed of Jiaxiu Lou, Fuyu Bridge and Cuiwei Garden. Jiaxiu Building is about 20 meters high, with three floors and three eaves saving spire, four corners of the third floor with four faucets, four corners of the second floor for the boy to worship Guanyin, and four corners of the first floor for four dragon tails. Jiaxiu Building was built in the 26 year of Ming Wanli (1598). Guizhou Governor Jiang Dongzhi and Ying Chaoqing built a dike here to intercept the current, and built a building on Aoji stone, named Jiaxiu, meaning talent show, the first in the world.

Qianling Park(黔灵公园)

Qianling Park is a comprehensive tourist park, located in the northwest corner of Guiyang, named after Qianling Mountain, which is called "the first mountain in southern Guizhou". It is 1.5 kilometers away from the city center and covers an area of 426 hectares. it is one of the large comprehensive urban parks in China.

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