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  • 2020-03-27

Guiyang Longdongbao Airport and Guiyang Railway Station are both close to the city. It costs 10 yuan to take an airport bus and 30 yuan to get to the city by taxi.

One-day tour of Guiyang City

At the railway station, there are many buses directly to the city, and it is also very convenient to take a taxi, usually about 10 yuan.

Guiyang has a pleasant climate and is suitable to play all the year round.

After arriving, first go to Qianlingshan Park(黔灵山公园). Hongfu Temple(弘福寺) on the top of the mountain is the first temple in Guizhou.

In addition, the landmark Jia Xiulou in Guiyang is also worth visiting, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Especially at night, the lights are bright and beautiful.

Qianlingshan Park(黔灵山公园)

Qianlingshan Park(黔灵山公园) is a favorite park in Guiyang, with dense plants, wild macaques from time to time, walking to the top of the mountain, and Hongfu Temple(弘福寺), the largest Buddhist jungle in Guizhou.

Tickets: 5 yuan; one-way cable car 15 yuan, round trip 20 yuan; Hongfu Temple fragrant flower coupon 2 yuan.

Transportation: take bus No. 1, No. 10, No. 23 and No. 209 in the urban area and get off at "Qianlingshan Park Station(黔灵山公园站)".

There are groups of wild monkeys on the top of Tips:, and they are not afraid of people, and they often rush for food. If you take care of the children, you should protect the children so as to avoid accidents.

Jia Xiu Lou(甲秀楼)

Jia Xiu Lou(甲秀楼) since its completion, Jiaxiu Building has been a gathering place for scholars and poets.
There are a large number of ancient stone carvings, wooden dishes and famous calligraphy and painting works in the building.

Tickets: visit the building with your ID card free of charge.

Transportation: you can take bus No.15,48,305 and get off at the "Jiaxiu Lou(甲秀楼)" station.

Recommended tour time: 1 hour

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