Dunhuang: travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring

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  • 2020-04-12
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The camels walking slowly through the desert as the sun goes down,the bell of the camels ringing in the ears, the clear Crescent Spring water resposes in the rolling Mingsha mountain,all of those scenery together as a whole, making the Mingsha mountain and Crescent Spring becomes one of the natural wonders of the world.

Dunhuang travel notes

The best travel time:May-October is the peak tourist season in Dunhuang,in the meantime, it is not crowded to keeo off the peak of public holidays.

Dress Guide

Dunhuang travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring
Dunhuang: travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring,China

Dunhuang is located in the northwest,dry and rainless in the whole year,temperature difference is bigger between day and night,In summer, the average temperature can reach 40 centigrade,so that it is indispensable to take unscreen,sunglasses,sun hat,lipstick and outdoor scarf to avoid the strong ultraviolet rays.

In summer,we can wear t-shirt during the day,but wear a coat at night so as not to catch cold . it is useful to carry kinds of heatstroke preventive.It’s very windy and dusty in every March to May,being a disastrous weather, sandstorm has been threatening North China in the recentyears.In winter, the lowest temperature is about 20 centigrade.

In addition,we will spend a long time to travel in every spot of Dunhuang which is in gravel,so it will be a wise choice to wear a comfortable shoes.

Consumer price index

Dunhuang is a typical tourist city.Hotels are priced between 100 and 200 yuan at low season rates ,but when the peak season comes,the price of food and tickets rise obviously which can reach one thousand yuan.Tips that, if not chartered in Dunhuang, I am afraid there is no such a smooth trip,and we can look for more people to take one car together. as an important expenditure,the tickets cost between twenty and two hundred yuan.

Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring

travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring
Dunhuang: travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring,China

The Mingsha mountain is situated at 6 km south of Dunhuang,also called Singing Sand Dunes, is celebrated for the sound .As the sand never gets into spring, and the water is never muddy and the spring has not dried up. The Crescent Spring can be called a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert.The Crescent Spring surrounded by the Mingsha Mountain,it is about 150m in length,50m in width and named because of the Crescent Spring like a crescent moon.This is the most famous scenic spots of the Mingsha Mountain,full of vitality,it sounds like the desert Qiang flute of the southern section of the shepherd’s flute sound, mildly Chhnang, cheerful and smart.

Location of scenic spots

Mingsha mountain and Crescent Spring are situated at 6 km south of Dunhuang.

Scenic spot cost

  • Entrance ticket:RMB 120 /person,Half-price tickets for full-time students.
  • sightseeing car: RMB 10/person,but it is a short distance to walk to Crescent Spring.
  • Ride a camel:RMB100/1 hour
  • Glider:RMB 100/1 hour
  • sand-boarding:RMB 15/person
  • Rent shoe covers:RMB15/a pair of shoes

The cost is only for reference,there may be changed in practice.

Travel Notes

Exposure in the sun, the sand like glittering like gold,soft silk and fine powder.It is really difficult to walk in the desert because of the soft sand,the more you step the easier it is to cave in,sweating and panting for a few steps,and then you will experience the hardships of Western Envoy Zhang Qian and strong.

Dunhuang travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring
Dunhuang: travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring,China

Herds of camels carry tourists through the sand mountains.Turnaround to look at the camels,really have the illusion of the Silk Road,also see a scene of prosperity for nice camels’sound, exchange of friendly envoys,and strong business thousand years ago.

The camels are docile,they walk slowly but very rhythmically.

Ready to take some aerial photographs of Mingsha mountain and Crescent Spring.

Overlooking the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring which looks most magnificent.

The Crescent Spring surrounded by Mingsha mountain,like a crescent moon.Having been lying among these sand dunes for thousands of years and with surprise attacks of sandstorms, the Crescent Spring is still clear.

Like a beauty’s eyes,The Crescent Spring is so clear,beautiful,gentle.it makes the desert full of living.Look,the clouds are looking in the water mirror!

Reed rippling around the Crescent Spring.

The Mingsha Mountain like a bounder,the Crescent Spring like a beauty.two of them are in contrast toruggedand delicate,magnificent and beautiful,bold and grace.

Here for the first time in my life, I saw the shadow of a cloud, excited like a child.I want to climb to the top of the mountain,sitting under the cloud,feeling the list of small hills,overlooking the Crescent Spring,listening to the song of “Crescent Spring”,letting the thoughts fly at will.




Dunhuang: travel Notes of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring


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